Monday, July 12, 2010

Busy Past Week..

So, last week I was super excited to have my mother-in-law Peggy, her sister Ruth (Nan), and Rob's cousin Jalisha come into town for a girl's day. They came in Tuesday and we hit up tons of places to shop! When they got here, we were able to meet Rob for lunch at DoubleDave's - a first for Jalisha! That tended to be a trend over the course of the day - but I think that was ok with her! So we stopped by Charming Charlie's first which was good - although I didn't find anything I couldn't live without. I think once we left there we went to Garden Ridge where it seemed glass holders/jars were the big hit. Then we went to Sam Moon and Jalisha was in shock almost the whole time we were there just because there was SO much stuff (jewelry, bags, etc.) and at such good prices. I bought two bags and a couple of pieces of jewelry and everyone else seemed to have done pretty well there too. Let's see -- from there we went to Marshall's Home Goods. I found a couple of cute tops and a cat photo album (yes, I needed it!). There were quite a few good deals there. We came home after that and ate a yummy roast and vegetables. We watched Sister Act on netflix and then Rob went to bed soon after. The girls stayed up and talked but just for a little bit because we knew there was still a little bit of shopping to be done in the morning.  Once everyone was ready to go in the morning, we went to Pottery Barn (just to get some decorating ideas) and then headed to Kirklands - one of my favorite stores. Peggy actually pointed out some really cute oversized dice that were on clearance that I couldn't live without (and that Rob actually loved!). And, I bought a wire wall hanging - which Rob also liked! We went to eat lunch at SouperSalad after that and then we all headed home so they could get everything packed up and head back to Bridge City. I had such a good time and loved getting to spend some quality girl/family time with them! 

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