Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's official...

I will be student teaching 2nd grade in the fall!! I am super excited that I will  get to student teach at the same school I've been working as a para at for two years! It's so nice because it is close to where I live and I already know pretty much everyone there. I haven't heard anything official yet from Region 4 (who I am getting my certification thru) because the principal just submitted all the information, but the principal told me that she just sent in all the paperwork and that I would be at Broadway! Yay!! I am so excited! And especially because I'm going to be with a great teacher (Kim Gomez) and be apart of an amazing team! Now I just have to prepare over the summer and be ready to give it my all when August arrives! :) Go Broadway Stars!!! 

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Been a while.. again!

Ok, it's been a while again. But, life is calming down so that's going to help! First of all -- HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to my two wonderful mothers in my life! Rob and I got our mothers picture frames with two new pictures we had taken recently for our upcoming anniversary. 

I've been keeping busy because I've been studying for my EC-6 exam to be a teacher. It had been a little stressful because they moved the deadline from June 1st to May 1st, so I had to double time my studying. Of course, I had to work as well as and finish my homework assignments. So, yes. Busy. I took my test on April 30th, and found out the following Tuesday that I passed!! Yay!! I am so thrilled because I don't have to take it again!! :) So, now all that should remain is student teaching in the fall, and then getting my teaching certificate! Pretty exciting.

Also, pretty exciting news is that my brother Jon and his wife Amber had a sweet baby girl! Her name is Channing Sinclair and she was born May 1st! She is adorable and I can't wait to meet her!

Nothing too much else has been going on here.. I am counting down the days until school gets out - but we've been doing that in our classroom for about a month already! My last day is June 4th - although I do have to work on the Friday, but it's more of a clean up day without the kids so I'm not really counting it. The next big exciting event that is coming up is our anniversary. Two years!! We are going to Austin for the weekend - although Rob only knows about a concert we'll be going to, and the rest is a surprise! I'll be sure to post about that whole weekend once we've lived it! Hope everyone has a great week!!