Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The 4th

A little late, but Happy 4th of July! We had a great time celebrating this weekend with family and friends. Rob's parents and sister Kelly came in Friday to stay the night at our house and spend some time together. We played a few games before going to bed that night which were a lot of fun. Saturday we ran a few errands (bead shop, book store, lunch) before heading out to Wes' house to eat some BBQ, play games, watch a and spend more time together. Rob and I ended up coming home that night (which I know made our kitties happy) but we went back to Wes' around lunch to eat a little more! That evening, we met up with my good friend Kim and her son Barrett to eat dinner and walk around Market Street. Her hubby joined us a little later and we eventually found a place to sit up on the roof of a building to watch fireworks. Kim invited us to go have a few drinks at her house with them which we did, and we stayed there until about 1. We had a great time! We got to sleep in on Monday because Rob didn't have to go into work -- observed holiday. So, we were able to run quite a few errands and spend some alone time together. 

Also -- we finished our bathroom cabinets on Friday (just in time for Rob's family to see them!) so I finally took pictures to post! :) I think they look really great, and our next plan is to do that to the kitchen cabinets. I'm not sure when we'll start though because it's been a nice break for now! Anyways, here's a few pictures!

Kim & Me

The Biddles :)

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