Saturday, April 17, 2010

A little behind

So.. It's been exactly two months since I last posted. Oops :) I guess that is a good sign in that I've been busy! Let me think.. what has gone on for the past two months.. 

Rob and I had a babysitting adventure towards the end of February which was quite successful in my eyes! Kelli and Andrew had a wedding to attend with several duties to do while there - so they needed someone to babysit! I, of course, jumped on the chance to get to hang out with sweet baby Jackson. We babysat at their house and ended up staying the night there. Jackson was a great baby to watch because he is so relaxed! Rob did a great job helping out with many things - including diaper changing and preparing the food! 

The most exciting thing that happened in March was Spring Break! A whole week of off work! Well, for me anyways.. Rob was not as lucky. But, I convinced my mom that she needed to come visit me that week - especially because it was my sister Claire's Spring Break too. And - she did decide to come! She drove in that first Saturday of my break with my sister Carol - just in time to see my other sister Catherine who was in town for the weekend. We had a great dinner at my Great Aunt's house - with my Aunt Colette and Uncle Bill in attendance too. It was great to get to hang out with lots of family - especially those who I don't see all that often. It was great getting to hang out with my mom for that week - she showed me a bunch of cleaning techniques that I plan to use to make sure the house stays clean! I really think they had a good time just relaxing and spending time as a family. I really wish they lived closer so we could all visit with each other more - and maybe one day they will! :)

Aunt Jo & MahmThe sisters: Catherine, Claire, Christine, and CarolAt the beginning of April, we celebrated Easter with Rob's family in Bridge City. While we were there, we celebrated Tommy's 3rd birthday which was a lot of fun. I love getting to hang out with those kids! Since it was Easter, we did do a few traditional things like color Easter eggs and go to church. We also had a crawfish boil (I ate shrimp!) among other things. 

Billy & RobTommy & ChristineChristine & Rob

Most recently, last weekend, Rob and I went to an Astro's game with Wes and Sherri who had won some good seats from a silent auction. We had a lot of fun watching (and not watching) the game! We really enjoy getting to spend time with those two because they are a lot of fun. That Saturday, Rob and I went to the Woodlands Art Festival which was on the waterway. We went two years ago, and had a lot of fun looking at all the pieces of art. This year we bought two really cute things. We bought a pet feeder for our cat Wooter that matches the cat feeder that feeds the two other cats. We were actually pretty lucky to find it because it was the last one they had displayed - there were lots of dog ones, but only one cat! We also bought a little monster made out of parts like nails who is holding a broken flamingo in his hands. Rob and I both thought it was pretty cute and funny, and we couldn't pass it up!

At the Astro's game!

Our cute findings at the Waterway!

One of the MOST exciting things that happened on this day was.... that Wes and Sherri got engaged!!! :) I couldn't be more thrilled about being able to call Sherri part of the family! I haven't heard all the details on how the proposal happened, but I know Wes, and I know it was probably pretty romantic! Congrats to you both!

Engagement!Hopefully I will find more time to post more regularly - I've been busy with work, going back to school to get certified to teach, and studying for my teacher exams. June 4th is my last day, and I am already counting down the days to summer!!